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I receive at least $1000/month.
I have a bank account.
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It's Easy to Borrow Money When You Need it

Nobody plans to get in an emergency situation. Some people save for a rainy day in what is called an "emergency fund," but many people are living paycheck to paycheck and do not have any funds set aside. Some of these people borrow money from their friends and family, still others use their credit cards to get through the rough times. Many people choose to get a cash advance. Paycheck advances are easy to get. Follow these steps to get a fast loan when you need it.

Step 1: Find out How Much You Need and Can Afford

The first step in getting an advance is to find out how much you require, and then figure out if you can actually afford to pay it back with your next paycheck. You will have to cover your emergency, but if you are already out of funds and the paycheck won't be coming for a while, you may want a little more cash. Will you need gas in the car to get to work? Do you need to buy food or diapers before payday? Add up what you require, and then figure out how you will get through your next pay period, to make sure that you can pay back your amount owed. If you won't be able to pay back the balance in full with your next payday, find out if there is something you can cut back on.

Step 2: Apply for the Loan

Once you have figured out how much you require, and have figured out how to pay back the balance, it's now time to apply. You can accomplish this quickly and easily using our free service. You will probably receive notice that you have been approved fairly quickly. Getting a payday loan typically requires a job (you should have an income of at least $1000 a month or more) and a bank account. Once you have been approved, all you have to do is wait.

Step 3: Wait for Your Money

After you have been approved for your advance, all you have to do is wait. Our trusted lender you are working with will deposit the funds into your bank account via direct deposit. In most cases, you will receive your money by the next business day. The speed at which you receive your balance depends on your bank, and how quickly they process direct deposit transactions. Once you have received your money, take care of your financial emergency, and on your next payday, you pay off the debt.